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BRM4 - The Wonder of Rice Bran and Shiitake Mushroom Enzyme

BRM4, the subject of this Internet radio program, is an immunomodulator. Now, that’s mouthful. So, what is an immunomodulator???
“As the name suggests, an immunomodulator modulates immune system, meaning that it regulates and optimizes various components of the immune system including NK Cells.”
A wonderful thing about BRM4 (Rice Bran Arabinoxylan Compound) is its all natural. It is a polysaccharide dietary fiber derived from rice bran, modified by Shiitake mushroom enzyme. In the video, Dr. Dan Kenner, PhD, L.Ac., with 30 years of clinical experience in Chinese, Japanese, and Naturopathic medicine, calls it “Smart Food,” because it either stimulates (in case of cancers) or suppresses (in case of autoimmune disorders) the NK cells activity, depending on what the body needs at the moment. It somehow knows exactly what the body needs.
NK Cells attach themselves to cancer cells, virus-infected cells, and cells that are at the end of their life, inject granules in these bad cells, and destroy them. However, when the body is out of balance, due to stress, poor diet, insufficient rest, or what have you, our immune system gets weakened, and we could use a little help. That is where BRM4 comes in.
One thing Dr. Kenner said in the program left quite an impression on me. “NK cells are the interface between mind and body.” NK cells activity goes down when there is a trauma, such as natural disasters, divorce, loss of loved ones, or even self-loathing. BRM4, by virtue of improving NK cells activity, has been known to positively affect the overall wellbeing, including emotional and psychological aspects of one’s life.
Another extraordinary thing about BRM4 is it mitigates the side effects of chemotherapy, such as hair loss. As I have a friend battling a stage four cancer, I took a special note of this. Battling cancer is already hard enough, but a chemo can do great damage to one’s body, like destroying bone marrow whose function is the production of the red blood cells that carry oxygen through your body and the white blood cells that fight infections. Things like hair loss may seem like a minor issue to a third person but can be emotionally taxing to the person experiencing it. It is a blessing that BRM4 can lend its support to people who are undergoing a chemotherapy.
In the program, they talk about what and how of BRM4 (PeakImmune 4 is the product name over the counter) much more in depth. Have a listen and find out!

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