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Daiwa’s Best-Selling Products


Daiwa’s best-selling products are Plasmanex 1 ® and BRM4™, natural supplements that have been doctor-recommended to support blood circulation and boost the immune system, respectively. Here are what makes these two products stand out from the crowd:

What People Love About It?

People love this product because it’s made from natural ingredients and has no harmful side effects, unlike other supplements on the market that have been found to be potentially dangerous for your health. What is more, BRM4™ isn’t only about supporting you to fight off infections and diseases but also about restoring your body’s natural balance and improving overall health. Because of this, you will feel healthier and stronger every day.

Plasmanex 1 ®

Plasmanex 1 ® contains BFPB, which stands for Bacillopeptidase F Proprietary Blend. Scientific studies have found BFPB to have at least two major benefits: SHOP NOW

Why We Need Optimal Blood Circulation?

Our blood is responsible for transporting nutrients and oxygen to our cells, which we need to survive. If your blood circulation is slow, it means that the heart must pump harder for a sufficient amount of oxygenated blood to reach all parts of our body. People who have slow blood circulation are more likely to develop cardiovascular diseases and could be at risk of contracting other health conditions. We must ensure healthy blood circulation daily to stay fit and prevent diseases or infections from developing. Maintaining healthy blood flow is the first step to ensure ideal overall health.

Customers who took both BRM4™ and Plasmanex 1 ® reported feeling healthier, more energetic, and having fewer aches than those who did not take either product.

„I have been taking this for 2-3 months. I was starting to get sick 3 times with sore throat, weakness, and a little cough. I took 4 caps, before bedtime. When I got up, all symptoms were gone! I love this,”

Linda M (verified customer)

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