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Jurasunas, Serge. “NK Cell-Based Immunotherapy in the Treatment of Cancer Using a New Arabinoxylan Rice Bran Compound.” Townsend Letter, no. 433-434, 2019, pp. 33–41.,        

Article Summary:

Natural Killer (NK) cells are a major component of our immune system. They are among the first to respond to diseases by directly attacking affected cells. NK cells inject enzymes called proteases into affected cells thereby damaging DNA integrity and causing cell death. NK cells also secrete inflammatory mediators called cytokines and interferons that cause destruction of affected cells by damaging their blood supply. NK cell activity is affected by a person’s health. Chronic illness as well as treatment with radiation and chemotherapy decrease NK cell count and function.

Rice bran arabinoxylan compound (RBAC) is produced from a dietary rice bran fiber called hemicellulose B. A specialized extraction process involving shitake mushroom culture breaks down this fiber into smaller molecules leading to a compound that can be easily absorbed in the small intestines. RBAC is then able to enter the blood circulation and produce immunomodulating effects. Scientific studies have shown that taking RBAC as a food supplement strengthens the immune system by improving the function of T and B lymphocytes and macrophages and most importantly, increasing NK cell activity. Research has also shown that RBAC significantly increases the ability of NK cells to bind to target cells or cells affected by disease. Binding allows NK cells to secrete granules or special enzymes causing rapid death of these target cells. These special enzymes are also increased among those taking RBAC. Oral supplementation with RBAC has also been reported to improve the quality of life among patients undergoing chemotherapy as indicated by having better appetite and less nausea, diarrhea, fatigue and pain. Studies have also shown that RBAC exhibited continuous efficacy with no toxicity even among those who have taken it as an oral supplement for several years.

The health benefits of RBAC are supported by its profound ability to enhance the immune system. Its role in immunomodulation is especially important because the immune response is weakened in those with chronic illness.

RBAC is available in the US as BRM4.

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