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The Next Generation of Immune System Booster


The Next Generation of Immune System Booster One Simple Step to a Happy, Healthy Microbiome. Maybe you’ve got a glut of supplements lining your bathroom cabinet, past their sell-by date and gathering dust. Or maybe capsules and tablets aren’t really your thing—at least, until now.

What is Daiwa GastroImmune™?

But however you feel about natural supplements, Daiwa GastroImmune™ is different. It’s worth a place on your bedside table. It deserves a five-second slot in your morning routine. That’s because it’s primed and optimized to have an actual impact on your body, mind, and overall well-being.

In fact, it’s kind of like a home alarm system for your immune health.

And it has taken 35 years of painstaking research and development to get it here.

Boost gut and immune health today

How Can Daiwa GastroImmune™ Benefit You?

With just one capsule a day, Daiwa GastroImmune™ can:
  • Ward off ill health by binding and neutralizing gut toxins.
  • Help to maintain a healthy heart and endocrine system.
  • Support overall mental wellbeing and a balanced mood.
  • Protect muscle tissue for a fitter, stronger you.
  • Enhance your nutrient uptake for a nourished and energized body.

What’s Inside Daiwa GastroImmune™?

Natural dietary supplement

These natural supplements have been developed by Daiwa Health Development and contain a purified protein ingredient designed to benefit your entire system. What’s more, problem ingredients have been kept out.

Safe for everyone

All-natural Daiwa Gastro Immune® is free from dairy, saturated fats, cholesterol, sugars, GMOs, hormones, antibiotics, lactose, casein, and whey.

Safe and comfortable

That is why all-natural Daiwa GastroImmune™ is free from dairy, saturated fats, cholesterol, sugars, GMOs, hormones, antibiotics, lactose, casein, and whey. So each time you swallow a capsule, you can feel comfortable about what you’re putting into your body.

Take the plunge

There are so many reasons to introduce Daiwa Gastro Immune® to your daily routine—so why not start today?

Boost gut and immune health today

Daiwa GastroImmune™ Fights Off Bugs, Toxins, and Nasties

Which brings us to Daiwa GastroImmune™. In essence, it is designed to be your gut’s best friend, defender, and strengthener.

Meaning that with just one supplement, you can boost your immune health, digestive wellness, and athletic fitness. Put simply, each immuno-protein capsule contains a concentrated mass of immunoglobulins (antibodies) that can help your body to fight sickness.

So when you take your daily dose of Daiwa GastroImmune™ it starts releasing immunoglobulins to support your gut’s natural immune defenses, meaning a healthier you.


Why Your Gut Microbiome Matters?

Put simply, Daiwa GastroImmune™ helps to keep your gut microbiome in balance. That is because it’s designed to maintain intestinal homeostasis—in other words, to boost your microbiome every single day.

Your microbiome is like a mini ecosystem in your body, where trillions of microorganisms live. That’s a lot of microorganisms to keep happy and healthy.

Mainly, this “community” is made up of bacteria—but the good kind. In fact, this good bacteria plays many crucial roles in your health and wellness.

For instance, a well-balanced gut microbiome can help to keep your heart, endocrine system, immune system, gastro-intestinal system, and brain healthy. What’s more, it can keep your weight in balance.
  • Heart disease
  • Gastro-intestinal diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Auto-immune diseases
  • Depression
  • A Sports Supplement Like No Other

    You don’t need to be a fitness fan or athlete to benefit from Daiwa GastroImmune™. That said, it’s the next step in sports nutrition too.

    Daiwa GastroImmune™ supports a healthy musculoskeletal system and speeds up injury recovery. Essentially, it can help you bounce back quicker after strenuous training—plus prevent wear and tear in the first place.

Why Everyone Needs Daiwa GastroImmune

Daiwa Gastro Immune™ is a next-generation wellness supplement. Essentially, it’s a new type of immuno-protein—meaning its job is to act as a backup guard to your gut’s natural immune defenses.

  • Ideally, in a healthy and optimized body, your gut will work efficiently to protect you from toxins, bacteria, and viruses—as well as auto-immune responses that can cause your system to attack itself. Often, this activity is the bedrock of disease.

  • The fact is, none of us can maintain a perfect, stress-free lifestyle at all times—we’ll always experience challenges and setbacks. That’s why we need daily support—one that is backed up by 35 years of research and development.

  • Lots of reasons, including stress, infections, medication, poor sleep, diet, alcohol, smoking, lack of exercise, genetics, etc.

  • In other words, to ward off long-term illnesses, you need a high-functioning gut. Yet this bodily system doesn’t always work as well as it should. Why?

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Research is the cornerstone of our product creation process. Plasmalogens have been put through extensive animal studies and continue to prove their efficacy in aiding greater brain function.

  • Our Human Studies

    A multi-centered, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial has shown statistically significant improvements in those that take 1mg of purified scallop plasminogen a day. With even the smallest dosage, test subjects showed greater memory retention and cognitive clarity on average across the board.

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